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Icon Valley is the developer of Beach Resort. Icon Designer is among the most prominent land improvement firms in the country. With long periods of involvement with reshaping the metropolitan scene, the organization has admirably joined development with manageability to make a scope of effective tasks that have improved the dazzling horizon of the clamoring city.

In addition, the great arrangement of Icon Designer contains a portion of the top private networks and blended-use buildings in Lahore for example, Icon Valley Phase 1, Icon Valley Phase 2, Icon Homes, and 101 By Icon. Large numbers of these steadily arranged projects are situated nearby Raiwind Road, adding to their allure among financial backers and authentic purchasers the same.

Icon Designers has engineered another undertaking ‘Beach Resort by Icon’ on Raiwind Road in Lahore. Planned to be sent off at Property Deals Occasion (PSE) on Sunday (September 18) at Fabulous Dance hall An of Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore at 10:30 Am, this new apartment building is one you ought to look out for.

Apartment Lifestyles

In the newly expanded fame of vertical advancements in Lahore, premium new lofts and business edifices are being presented in the market with ordinariness. Because of the discounted accessibility of land close to the midtown regions and rising costs of level living spaces, purchasers are normally drawn to loft projects.

Engineers, as well, know about the way that upward homes are the main credible answer for diminishing the enlarging lodging setback in metropolitan regions. In this manner, both real purchasers and financial backers find the different stocks on offer very attractive.

Introduction Of Beach Resort By Icon

Telling a conspicuous situation on Raiwind Road and imagined as an extravagance worldwide retreat, Beach Resort by Icon is where you can partake in a get-away like the way of life while never having to checkout. The task travels a tremendous land area of 104 kanals and incorporates eight perfectly planned private standards. With each model being ground-in addition to 15 stories high, this apartment building will have the main two stories held for duplex penthouses including indoor pools and 1,2, and 3-room units spread out on the excess floors.

Facilities & Amenities Of Beach Resort By Icon

The undertaking designer has arranged the dare to match a more helpful, worked with, and extravagant way of life. To oblige such expectations for everyday comforts, the private compound accompanies overflowing open doors for associating, developing, recreation, and accomplishing wellness targets for better condition. Beach Resort by Icon is to highlight facility floors that will propose in-house eateries, a pool, exercise center, sauna, play region for kids, occasion lobby, stogie relax, meeting rooms, and substantially more.

Some main elements are as follows:

Luxury prayer areas

Round-the-clock supervision

Business hubs

Rock climbing

Bowling path

Speedy elevators

Safe & secure environment

Pakistan’s tallest waterfall

Fitness & health club

Emergency medical services 24/7

Maintenance service

Basement parking spaces

Pool Area

BBQ Area

Open spaces and green terraces

Water sports

Cigar nightclub

Medical facilities

100-feet Carpeted road

Spa & saloon

Wave pool

Nearest Landmarks

The lofty area of Beach Resort by Icon on Raiwind has drawn the consideration of purchasers and financial backers the same. It is arranged roughly 500 meters from the Ring Road Raiwind Road Exchange, which places it nearby probably the most conspicuous areas in Lahore.

How about we take a gander at what amount of time it requires to arrive at a portion of the top engineering milestones arranged close to these flats?

Right close to Fazaia Exchange on Lahore Ring Road

A 2-minute drive away from Beaconhouse Public College and Lahore Wildlife Park

3 minutes drive away from Defence Road

10 minutes drive away from Shaukat Khanam Hospital and Emporium Mall

Allama Iqbal International Airport is 20 minutes away

Masterplan & Price Of Beach Resort

Ordering a great spot close to Raiwind Road, Beach Resort by Icon is the most up-to-date expansion to the housing business sector of Lahore. The impending undertaking covers an area of 104 Kanal and highlights 6 perfectly planned private standards. Each building involves ground in addition to 15 stories, with the main two stories held for extravagant twofold story penthouses with indoor pools.

Moreover, the whole mind-boggling is partitioned into six structures including 1,2, and 3 Bed Loft, and Duplex Penthouses.

The structure names are as per the following;





Beach front


A 100 feet carpeted street prompts the ultramodern improvement that elements committed parking spots, lavish green porches, and a show-halting wave pool.

A Fabulous Business Compound crossing 60 Kanal is likewise moved toward the land confronting the venture.

Aqua 1 BED Flat

Area – 450 Sq. Ft – 480 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 77.8 Lakh – 83.2 Lakh

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Aqua 2 BEDS Flats

Area – 761 Sq. Ft. – 1,573 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.31 Crore – 2.73 Crore

Beds – 2

Baths – 2

Aqua 3 BEDS Flats

Area – 1,120 Sq. Ft. – 2,590 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.95 Crore – 4.5 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3

Atlantic 1 BED Flat

Area – 450 Sq. Ft. – 480 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 64.8 Lakh – 69.3 Lakh

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Atlantic 2 BEDS Flats

Area – 761 Sq. Ft. – 1,573 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.09 Crore – 2.28 Crore

Beds – 2

Baths – 2

Atlantic 3 BEDS Flats

Area – 1,120 Sq. Ft. – 2,590 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.62 Crore – 3.75 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3

Beach Front 1 BED Flat

Area – 476 Sq. Ft. – 483 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 82.1 Lakh – 83.3 Lakh

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Beach Front 3 BEDS Flats

Area – 1,112 Sq. Ft. – 1,218 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.94 Crore – 2.12 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3

Coral 1 BED Flat

Area – 439 Sq. Ft. – 476 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 62.9 Lakh – 68.4 Lakh

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Coral 3 BEDS Flats

Area – 1,140 Sq. Ft. – 1,260 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.65 Crore – 1.83 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3

Island 1 BED Flat

Area – 428 Sq. Ft. – 614 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 73.5 Lakh – 1.07 Crore

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Island 2 BEDS Flats

Area – 947 Sq. Ft. – 1,322 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.64 Crore – 2.31 Crore

Beds – 2

Baths – 2

Island 3 BEDS Penthouse

Area – 2,140 Sq. Ft. – 2,373 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 3.71 Crore – 4.12 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3

Marina 1 BED Flat

Area – 422 Sq. Ft. – 653 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 61.2 Lakh – 95.6 Lakhs

Beds – 1

Baths – 1

Marina 2 BEDS Flats

Area – 756 Sq. Ft. – 946 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.09 Crore – 1.37 Crore

Beds – 2

Baths – 2

Marina 3 BEDS Penthouse

Area – 1,322 Sq. Ft. – 2,524 Sq. Ft.

Price – PKR 1.93 Crore – 3.66 Crore

Beds – 3

Baths – 3


This task is being created on a lot more noteworthy scale than a typical apartment building in Lahore. Joined with the appeal for facilities containing Raiwind Road, this undertaking stands to offer worthwhile returns regarding capital additions and yearly rental yield.

The region encompassing Raiwind Road has turned into a cradle for the most recent land projects in Lahore, driving up the diagram of property appreciation.

The steadily developing interest for current condos in the city makes Beach Resort by Icon a beneficial speculation opportunity.

Attributable to its refined façade and mind-blowing conveniences, the venture will undoubtedly yield high capital additions in the following couple of years.

It is a land adventure by Icon Engineers, perhaps of the most perceived and reliable names in the land improvement area.

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