Hamza Town Phase 2


Right in the heart of the city, Hamza Town phase 2 in Lahore is providing the biggest opportunities for the residents of the city.  With many societies popping up in Lahore these days, Hamza Town takes the lead by providing the people with all the living facilities that you can think of. The architects and developers of this town have outdone themselves by conceiving, developing and delivering a total package that provides the ultimate experience for residents, visitors, partners and customers. 

It’s everybody’s dream to leave in a peaceful society these days with all the big commercial markets nearby. This is why Hamza Town in Lahore prides itself on being one of the most readily accessible locations in the city. Whether you want to visit liberty for shopping or want to visit Allama Iqbal Town, you won’t have to drive for long hours to reach your destination. 

The developers of Hamza Town Society in Lahore took control of the project from very initial stages and built the town up to the international standards.  The efficient incorporation of urban planning techniques makes sure that everything integrates effectively with existing amenities. Through a detailed process of planning to ensure the entire area of development is in harmony and ensure every aspect of the project provides the highest living standards for residents and a breathtaking experience for visitors.

Price overview:

As the society is still undergoing developmental stages and the location is suitable for middle-class families, the prices are quite reasonable. Unlike high profile societies, the plots don’t start from 10 Marla. Instead, you can buy 2, 3, 4 and 5 Marla houses if you have a very small family. 

If you take a look at the houses, then you can get 3 and 4 Marla houses for around 30 to 80 Lacs. On the other hand, you can get the same area plots for almost half the price to a house. These prices are tempting the residents of the surrounding areas to move into the society where they can enjoy higher standards of living along with various other amenities. 

Enjoy high standards of living:

The development team for Hamza Town Society Lahore comprises of experts who are leaders in their field and therefore, they come up with the most modern techniques used in the developmental industry right now. During the developmental stages of this heavenly society, the environmental data was painstakingly analyzed, architectural spaces were meticulously assessed and surrounding landscapes and irrigation requirements were evaluated. This makes Hamza Town one of the best locations and a long term investment. Built to the right techniques, you can be sure that your investment would be safe, secure and would serve you for lifetime. 

Moreover, this town is committed to the highest standards of health and safety and this shows how much the management cares for its people, customers and the residents. Extensive experience of confronting the ‘impossible’ places us in a unique position to provide strategic assistance in high profile projects and the emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility sets the benchmark for the entire community. 

Although the population is low because the society is still under developmental stages, many people have completed building their houses. There are many contractors who have made houses for selling purposes. So no matter whether you are looking for a ready-made house or a plot, you would find plenty of options here. 


Living in Hamza Town gives you the privilege of living in a society with all the facilities of the modern day life. You would get the facility of electricity, Sui gas, telephone, sewerage and water supply. Moreover, the society is surrounded by a boundary wall with barbed wire to give you the sense of security and protection. The roads are lined with footpaths, expressways and other utilities. 

If you are thinking of improving your living standards, then now is the right time to look for options at Hamza Society. Not only would you get a better lifestyle, but you would also be able to promote better environment for your children and bring them up in friendly and supportive surroundings. The prices are going up in the future so you can buy a plot or a house when you have a chance.

Location of Hamza Town Phase II:

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