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In 1921, Model Town was established by Dewan Khem Chand. The reason behind launching this society was to make this a cooperative Society. 

Where everyone can know about the upsides of self-improvement, self-obligation, a majority rules government, fairness, value, and fortitude, 200 people assembled in Lahore hall on Sunday 27th February 1922 under the presidency of Rai Bahadur Ganga Ram and pronounced a cooperative society under the name of Garden Town. 


Dewan Khem Chand gave the proposal to solve housing issues and provide the best sanitary system and healthier living pieces of equipment for the residents and requested 2000 – an acre plot of land from the government.

Retired Judges, Rich Businessmen, Countless Traders, and Supermarket owners are residents of Model Town who owned these houses. Numerous high court judges, Doctors, College Professors, Engineers, and officers of the Civil Services had also moved to Model Town from different cities. 

Saifur Rehman was elected leader of the Model Town Society, denoting his second term in office.

Principal Aims Of Model Town

 21 members were appointed for opening the Society under the chairmanship of khan bahadur Sir SH. Abdul Qadir for making the laws and maintaining the discipline, 

Accordingly, in 1924 the Cooperative Model Town Society was established and enlisted under the Cooperative Societies of Act II of 1912. 

The Aims are

  • Best Design, Advance Equipments, Maintain Gardening Area
  • Gain or buy land, Buildings, and fixed and moveable property 
  • To offer assistance and build, control, and continue works and other frameworks of different sorts for the accommodation and advantage of the resident individuals.
  • To construct private houses and different structures for private and public use, for residents’ comfort. 

The Government of Punjab moved 1,963 sections of land (7.9 km²) arranged in Rakh, Kot Lakhpat Tehsil, District, Lahore. 

On 1 April 1941 and on 25 April 1941, the exchange deed enrolled with the Sub-Registrar, Lahore (305)

Model Town Lahore Location

Model Town is located near the busiest road in Lahore, main Ferozpur Road. The second side of the entrance is from Industrial Housing Scheme, the third side of the entry is from Main Boulevard Garden Town, the fourth side is from Township and, the fifth is from Faisal Town. 

Model Town gets the edge of being the prime and focal area. That’s why it is considered the posh area in Lahore. 

These focuses and street networks make it more straightforward for residents to get closer to other parts of the city. The Residents of the model town can easily reach Lahore railways station, Lahore airport, and Thokar Niaz Baig in just 30 to 40 minutes of drive. 

The Area is divided into Ten Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, and K. Model Town links with Extensions and is also approved by the LDA Lahore Development Authority. 

The Extension is divided into Seven blocks L, M, N, P, Q, R, and S. These Blocks are called Model Town Extensions.

The model Town area is divided into different stages Residential Area, Commercial Area, Roads, Nursery Area & Playground, and Parks. 

The Longitude and Latitude of the Model town are 74.3239342 – 31.4804642 

Model Town Society is a beautiful place to live with your loved ones, and Security is very high to secure your family’s lifestyle (226)

Model Town Property Rates

The Ten blocks of Model Town A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, and K have a minimum of 1 Kanal space. 

  • The estimated price in these blocks is up to 5 crore to 40 crore. The people who can’t afford a house can likewise go for houses for lease in Model Town, Lahore. The assessed lease here of 1 Kanal house is 1.9 lakh.
  • The Apartment is also available in Model Town Society, and the price is approx 30 lakhs to 1.1 crores. The people who can’t afford an apartment can likewise go for a flat for lease in Model Town. The assessed lease here is 30,000/- PKR.
  • If someone wants to buy the commercial property, then the property price is around 10 crores minimum People can also rent the commercial property if they can’t afford it, the commercial rent starts from 1.5 lac to 40 lacs

Model Town Extension has Seven more blocks L, M, N, P, Q, R, and S. They have a minimum of 5 marla spaces. 

  • The estimated price in these blocks is up to 90 lac to 3.3 crore. The people who can’t afford a house can likewise go for a lease in Model Town, Extension. The assessed lease here at 5 marla house is 35,000 Thousand
  • They have an apartment system the flat price is around 70 lac to 1.5 crores  If people want flats for lease then assessed leases here is 20,000 thousand
  • The commercial property rates in Model Town Extension are up to 40 lac to 2.5 crores. The Commercial Model Town Extension rent is 30,000 thousand to 5 lacs (281)

Facilities in Model Town 

Model Town Society Facilitates people in so many ways. That’s why everyone has a dream to get their own house in this society. 

Security is likely the main thing everybody considers while purchasing private properties, and Model Town unquestionably is probably the most secure region in Lahore. There are check-posts on each passage point. Nonstop security is kept up with by its organization inside all blocks and on primary Circular Road. 

Other than this, Dolphin Police likewise guarantees the assurance of protection. 

A fascinating aspect of Model Town is the overflow of parks. You will track down three-sided parks of all sizes in each block of the general public. 

The performance of the organization’s rigid safety efforts, these spots are alright for kids and grown-ups.

Model Town Facilitate with the biggest park in Lahore. This park is located in the center of the Model Town so that everyone can have access to that. This park gives you the best greenery view and a wonderful track for jogging. The park zone has four doorways and 2.5 kilometers running trail.

Probably the best thing about this area is that you can find transport stop covers here. The Feeder Bus Service on Model Town Circular Road makes stops at each block and takes you to different regions of the city. 


In Lahore, you can have so many societies, but if we compare them with the Model Town Society, they give safety and luxury feel to their residents. Additionally, Model Town has its cutting-edge public venue where lobbies for weddings and different occasions can be reserved by individuals as well as outcasts. 

However, as you go towards Model Town Link Road, your choices begin turning out to be all the more far-reaching. From the mainland to cheap food, you will find a lot of choices in all Model Town, including Jay Bee’s Ice Cream, Howdy, KFC, and Mcdonald’s. 

The gatherings of private plots have been given outdoor facilities. Model Town is probably the best illustration of town arranging in Pakistan. Many Personalities of Pakistan live in the Model Town Society. Sports Facilities are also available in this society. 

C, J, and K Block is the most expensive and Demanding Block of Model Town Society. Model Town has its fan following in Lahore and if anyone gets the chance to invest in Model Town, no one misses the chance.

My Opinion for my viewers is that if someone gets a chance to live in Model Town, never skip it. This society gives you peace of mind that you have your home and you give your family the life they deserve. 

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