Township Lahore


Township Residential Property  is one of the best localities in Lahore. The locality is in the south of the city. Its proximity to Ring Road makes it easy for people to commute to other parts of Lahore, including outskirt areas like Faisal Town and Bahria Town. 

This society also has a good supply of properties like houses, apartments, shops, and plots for sale or rent. It is a great place to live in or invest.

The history of the society can trace back to the 1950s. It is an area and association chamber in Iqbal Tehsil, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is perhaps the most extensive private area in Lahore.

This society is to relocate people from the densely populated zone into separate settlements away from cities like Lahore. 

Township Lahore is split into four subdivisions A, B, C, and D. The Commercial area are Mochi Pura, Madina Market, Ashiq Market, Grocerex, Model Bazar, and Abu Bakar Road.

Township Residential Property 

Well, you already know it is divided into future sub-division. 

Sector A includes A1 & A2 Township Residential Property . Government Employee Co-operative housing society takes care of the A1 Section and is maintained them. Residents and outsiders can only get entry through security gates.

A2 is joined by the fundamental street, “Haider Road“, which is an exceptionally bustling street with numerous organizations.

Sector B includes B1 & B2. B1 Sector has quite possibly the most significant market in Lahore. A specific space of B1 contains more magnific houses while more of the portion falls in 10 marlas to 40 marlas.

The Residents living in B2 are Highly Eductaed allied class and have occupations in government or confidential areas the executives. B2 society gives the best market that provides you different facilities for grocery. 

Sector C include C1 & C2. Both sectors have quite beautiful houses and are famous for Marriage halls. They connect with the Main Road called College Road that splits it from Johar town.

Sector D including D1 & D2. This Sector is named Green Town Society. Area D has the Largest water tank satisfying the necessities of water for Sector D as well as Sector

Sector    MarlasPrice Range
A14 Marla – 5 Kanal 2 Crore – 55 Crore
A22 Marla – 1 Kanal70 Lac – 5.5 Crore
B12 Marla – 2 Kanal 80 Lac – 20 Crore
B22 Marla – 2.8 Kanal60 Lac – 20 Crore
C110 Marla – 8 Kanal 1.5 Crore – 60 Crore
C25 Marla – 1 Kanal60 Lac – 5 Crore
D12.5 Marla – 1.8 Kanal80 Lac – 12 Crore
D22 Marla – 8 marlas40 Lac – 2 Crore


Township Commerical Property

Commercial Property is uses for business purposes. It has a Market that satisfies the requirements of its Residents. It also has a Printing Market close by that can assist in the printing of fabric, paper, or plastic banners and sign sheets.

Marlas Price Range
0.5 Marla – 14 Marla 15 Lac – 17.5 Crore


Facilities In Township Society 

Workplaces, Numerous Restaurants, jewel markets, natural pecking orders, and banks are available here. Some are as followings:

  • Walking trails 
  • Shopping malls 
  • Public parks 
  • Schools/college/universities 
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Community centers
  • Public transport
  • Sports facilities 

There are numerous Marriage corridors on the edges of this society. Among these are Marhaba Marriage Hall, Al-Noor dinner lobby, & Maharaja Palace

The most popular are the Al-Jannat Marriage lobby, Al-Quresh Banquet Hall, Johar Banquet, and Qasr-e-Jamal Banquet Hall.

It is a perfect choice If you want to live in this society there is no need to worry about the health, safety, and well-being of your family. Its location makes it an ideal spot for families to call home. 

The property also offers all amenities that ask for in terms of security and maintenance services. There are schools located nearby. Parents will not have difficulty sending their kids to school every day. 

The prime location of this society also makes it easy for you to travel around without worrying about traffic jams or accidents on the road because this place designed with careful attention given to traffic flow management 

If people want to buy something or go somewhere interesting after work hours. Residents have access to proper parking spaces, which makes traveling safe even at late hours. 


The Township has developes with modern amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping malls for the convenience of its residents.

It is one of the few gated communities with proper security safeguards for its residents. This society offers all these amenities, 5 minutes away from Liberty Market & Main Boulevard Gulberg – making it an ideal choice for those who like to shop and have ample greenery around them.

This society is a great place to live or open a new business. If you are looking for a home with an active social life. This is the right place for you.

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